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Great experience with Precision Door. Brian was awesome to work with. He explained all the work he was doing and finished the work very quickly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing work done on their garage door. I would also recommend Brian as well.

Brent Baker



My neighbor in our condo community was buying new garage door. We have the exact same door and asked this company to replace a single panel on our door to save money and the planet. They refused because of warranty issues, I didn't want one and explicitly stated that I would sign the service order, and stated this was a simple repair only. We were told they would not provide this service to us(for payment), even after we gave them a recommendation to our neighbor for their services.Hard to describe how after sending this company a customer, we were given a nonsensical excuse for not buying an entire new garage door not needed...I guess it made sense in their office but not in my neighborhood.

Rich Dalley



Your customer service rep was extremely personable and helpful when I made the appointment and luckily was able to send Nicholas Griffin to our house on the same afternoon (2/8/18) that I called. Our 20-year-old Genie only made humming noises when we tried to open the garage door. After inspecting our opener, he determined it needed replacing. In ice-cold conditions in our unheated garage, he installed a new Liftmaster model, showed us how to troubleshoot it, and how to maintain it. It is so smooth, I can't believe we put up with the other one so long! We were extremely impressed with Nicholas, a really nice, professional guy who worked cheerfully and quickly and did a truly admirable job under freezing circumstances. Having checked around beforehand, the price was reasonable, too.

Patty LaNoue Stearns



I called and booked an after hours appointment as my garage door had come off the track. Operator told me it would be $200. Technician arrived to work on door. After a few minutes he told me the price would be $490. Said the $200 was just to come out. Labor was another $90 and he wanted to charge me $190 for new wheels. FYI, they cost $20 at Home Depot. He "fixed" the door. Next morning it came off again. I would not recommend using this firm. I felt like I was being taken advantage of.

Kevin Naughton



Catastrophic failure of my garage door left it hanging off the track by just a few rollers, stuck halfway up and waiting to fall on my vehicles. I called a local company first and they said they couldn't come out until the afternoon two days later. With both of my vehicles stranded in the garage, this was not an option.I called Precision at 9:53AM. I was given a 3 hour window the same day for a service call. Mike J. had called when he was 5 minutes out and was at my residence by 11:00AM. After a detailed assessment, he prepared three thoroughly detailed estimates to consider. While we discussed my various options he offered his honest recommendations based on the age and state of my current garage door.Upon approval, work began immediately and was completed in roughly two hours without delay. Mike even took the time to show me the difference between the failed components and the parts he replaced them with, giving me peace of mind that he wasn't simply replacing parts to up-charge me. Throughout the process he was able to answer any questions I had and before he left explained things to keep an eye on and maintenance I could perform on my own to ensure a lifetime of trouble free operation.Professional, friendly and courteous. Mike J from Precision went above and beyond.

Kanyon Wilson

Auburn Hills


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