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They came out promptly. It started well enough. I was informed that the springs needed to be changed to torsion springs. Fine with me, but the tech said originally he could do the work that day, then said he'd have to come back the next day. Also fine. This is where it went off the rails.Tech came back the next day and said - no, he wouldn't repair a wood door. He'd have to replace the garage door because it's wood. This after I'd told him repeatedly it's a historical house and the wood door stays.Here's the real problem: After a quick inspection, I discovered the only thing that happened was a bolt sheared. The springs are fine. $3,500 for a broken bolt and to get a cheap looking metal door? No thanks. I went to Home Depot and replaced the bolt and the nearby fittings for less than $20.

Rob Jones



Mark Potrzebowski



I had an excellent experience with Precision Garage Door today. Brian Wells is a true professional. He called 30 minutes before arrival, estimated the cost of repair quickly and finished the job in about an hour. I am very satisfied with the work Brian performed and will call him back in a few weeks to replace my opener. With the severe lack of customer service these days, many companies could take lessons from Brian at Precision Garage Door. Thanks again for the great service.

David Barrington



Within 24 hours of me calling, my garage door was repaired with excellent service. The service rep, Nick, was professional and thorough in his review of problem and options for repair. I was impressed with the service and highly recommend their service to all.

Patrick Rorai

Grosse Pointe


I’m giving one star for same day service. Our spring broke on our 2 car garage and on IChat we were quoted $75 service charge (to come out) and any where from $80-$160 for the spring. Once they got here the cheapest price they said they could fix it for was $664 (the door is 9 years old). I think we were in such shock and felt cornered into paying the outrageous price of $664 because we didn’t want to spend $75 just for the service call and then have to schedule and pay someone else to come out. I honestly think they charge $75 to come out (almost double most companies) so that you do feel pressured to go with them. They also say their high prices are because their products are so superior. Then why is there only a 5 year warranty? Please learn from our mistake, clearly we should have paid the $75 and sent him on his way and we still would have saved a couple hundred dollars!

Lori Roy



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