When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

Last week we discussed the procedure to employ when your garage door refuses to open. But what if it won’t close? In this blog we’ll run through the common causes for a faulty door opener. This post is ideal for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears, Genie, Marantec and Precision brand openers.

Occasionally a garage door will refuse to move from the open position when you use press the garage or remote button. There are plenty of reasons this occurs, but the most likely culprits are your safety eyes. The small laser next to your door track requires an uninterrupted path across your garage for the door to move. If the beam is broken, the door will either remain open or reverse during operation and return to the open position. Below are common reasons safety eyes refuse to allow your garage door to close.

  1. Out of Alignment
  2. Wiring Problems
  3. Obstructions to Sensors
  4. Sensor is Dirty or covered with Spider Webs
  5. Cluttered Garage items blocking one or both eyes
  6. Door is Off Track

You should be able to trace the beam to the mirror on the opposite side. Remove any obstructions that may be interrupting the beam. If the beam is not pointing at the mirror, you can attempt a realign by using the following instructions.

To Realign

–  For Marantec brands of Safety Eyes, there is a lock collar around the eye of the sensor. First, unlock the collar by twisting it with your fingers. Then, move the eye of the sensor around until the light comes back on.

–  On Liftmaster Safety Eyes, there is a wing nut thumb screw that can be adjusted with your fingers. Again, loosen the wing nut, move the eye until the light returns, and then tighten the wing nut.

Genie Safety Eyes actually slide on and off the garage door bracket. You can get the Safety Eyes back in sync by sliding the eye back onto the bracket or by bending the bracket so that the eyes are once again aligned.

This video will help if you’re still unsure how to realign the safety eyes. Be extremely careful as the eyes are a precise piece of equipment.

Removing Dirt and Cobwebs

A cloudy lens could very well be the root of your issues. Remember, the lens is a sensitive piece of equipment and it requires careful handling.  Try wiping both the laser and mirror on the opposite side with a clean (preferably microfiber) cloth. Remove the clutter, dirt or cobwebs you see.

Other Potential Issues

Be aware that the following scenarios may also cause your garage door not to function properly.

  1. Garage door is too heavy
  2. Damaged door alignment from collisions
  3. Frayed wiring and shorts in the electrical
  4. Broken garage door springs or other damaged moving parts on the door.
  5. Damaged  door opener

If you are unable to get your garage door working properly, call a certified technician to help!

Remember, garage doors are extremely heavy and dangerous when in a broken condition.  Stay away and keep children and pets away until the door is repaired.