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Tips for dealing with unresponsive openers, batteries, or other garage door issues.

Have you ever rushed out the door only to find your garage door is incapable of opening? Unfortunately doors will sometimes experience problems that hinder their operation. The situation is inconvenient, but will be less of a hindrance if you know how to take action. First, be sure the garage is completely closed. If it is open, call a certified professional immediately. Any attempt to move the door may result in extensive damage.

If the garage door is not open, you’re ready to begin troubleshooting. Read through the following tips to diagnose the problem. If you’re in a hurry, skip to the “Disconnect Manually” section below.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door

1. Make sure your remote is in range of the receiver. If you are not, move closer.

2. Check to see if the wall switch works.

a. If the wall switch works, but the remote will not open the door, try replacing the battery in the remote.

b. A second option includes reprogramming the remote.

3. Check the power source. Make sure the motor unit is plugged in and check the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

If you have lost power or are in a hurry and would like to open your garage door manually, follow the steps below:

Disconnect Door Manually

1. Locate red rope with a small handle on the end attached to the trolley (the piece that stays with the garage door). The attachment point attaches the trolley to the rail.

2. Pull the red rope down. The trolley will disengage and the door should move freely.

3. If you want it to stay disconnected, pull the rope down and back toward the motor way.

4. If you want to reconnect before your power comes back on, pull the rope down and move the door away from the attachment point toward the garage door which frees the lever. Next, lift the door to reengage the trolley to the attachment point.

5. If you decide to wait for the power, follow all steps in #4 except for lifting the door. The door will re-engage when power returns.

emergency handle

Again, working with a garage door that is not completely closed is dangerous and could prove costly. Check out this video for more detailed and visual instructions on opening your garage door manually.


To keep your garage door opening smoothly and to avoid future malfunctions, it is important to implement an annual maintenance routine.

1. Wipe the tracks clean of any residual dirt

2. Re-lubricate all moving parts and springs

3. Invest in long-lasting, high quality parts

Did these steps fail to solve your issues? We’re available 24/7 for assistance in any garage door issue. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!