The Ultimate Smartphone Activated Garage Door System

LiftMaster Partners with Nest!

LiftMaster signs with Nest to offer integration with their cameras and thermostats. Now they can be monitored from one place: Your iPhone! Yes, with just the touch of a button, imagine your most valuable home appliances all at your command. LiftMaster has been leading and re-imagining the way consumers see garage door systems, home security, power over their property, and more. With the changing technology, controlling codes, programming your home, and becoming more efficient, has never been easier with LiftMaster. LiftMaster has raised the bar, proving being the master of your domain, is only a touch away.
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Time For a Garage Door Maintenance Plan

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to get organized! Want to create a home maintenance calendar for 2016? Precision Door of Detroit has 3 easy steps to set up and properly maintain your garage door system for smooth sailing in 2016.

It’s probably the last home appliance we think of when needing a maintenance calendar or plan, but your garage door system needs to work successfully in intricate and synchronized measures to protect your home and function properly. Everything from your springs, to the battery, to the panels needs proficient attention, and our certified technicians will ensure everything is fully lubricated and operating at high capacity. Continue reading “Time For a Garage Door Maintenance Plan”

The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician

Who is in Your Garage?

When you hire a garage door service company, there are a few things you expect: Trust, Experience, and Professionalism. Our expert garage door technicians at Precision Door encompass all three of these qualities and more. There’s no company with high quality, certified technicians quite like Precision Door. Our full service team coordinates and participates in rigorous training and up-to-date techniques in installation and maintenance. When one of our certified technicians comes to your home, you can expect only excellence and superb service is in store. We offer our clients exceptional experience, value, peace of mind, and complete confidence in our company’s specialized garage door technicians. Continue reading “The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician”

A New Garage Door Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Does your home lack definition, pizazz, or is simply the sore thumb in the neighborhood? Then you need an easy, instant, and relatively cheap trick. Installing new garage doors is just the thing to spruce up and revamp your home’s curb appeal. Garage doors are a fixed statement. They may be from a time gone by or just don’t match the style of your exterior anymore. Many homeowners who have updated the inside of their house find themselves looking outwards, and wondering what they can do to generate quick and remarkably simple curb appeal. You may think that installing new residential garage doors is too expensive, but with the choices of colors, styles, and budgets, it may be more in reach than you think. Allow our experts at Precision Door to help you design custom or standard garage doors to add to the curb appeal of your home.

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Safety is our number one concern here at Precision Door. To make sure your home, valuables, and family remains safe, check out these garage door safety tips to ensure what matters most to you, is protected. It’s been estimated home burglary entrance occurs through garage door entry more readily than any other place of access in the home. When you think about it, it’s certainly easy to gain access through your garage. Apply these tips to keep your home secure and to reduce the risk of accidents and damages that can be caused by garage doors.

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DIY May not be a good choice

DIY may not be a good choice.

I am a committed do-it yourselfer and pride myself in the money I have saved by diving in and trying to fix something myself. I do have limits and here are the principles I apply before I try something new.

  1. Can I safely do the work?
  2. Do I have the tools and knowledge required to complete the job?
  3. I am physically able to lift and maneuver the pieces and parts.
  4. Will I be able to obtain the parts and how will I know they are the right ones?

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Dealing with Garage Doors that Won’t Open

Tips for dealing with unresponsive openers, batteries, or other garage door issues.

Have you ever rushed out the door only to find your garage door is incapable of opening? Unfortunately doors will sometimes experience problems that hinder their operation. The situation is inconvenient, but will be less of a hindrance if you know how to take action. First, be sure the garage is completely closed. If it is open, call a certified professional immediately. Any attempt to move the door may result in extensive damage.

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