Time For a Garage Door Maintenance Plan


It’s a new year and that means it’s time to get organized! Want to create a home maintenance calendar for 2016? Precision Door of Detroit has 3 easy steps to set up and properly maintain your garage door system for smooth sailing in 2016.

It’s probably the last home appliance we think of when needing a maintenance calendar or plan, but your garage door system needs to work successfully in intricate and synchronized measures to protect your home and function properly. Everything from your springs, to the battery, to the panels needs proficient attention, and our certified technicians will ensure everything is fully lubricated and operating at high capacity.

3 Easy Ways to Create a Home Maintenance Calendar

Record Keeping

First, keeping proper records of when your garage door was last serviced is key. We recommend a garage door specialist comes every 3-6 months to properly lube all points and inspect rollers for damage or repair. We also look at tracks needing alignment, and suggest servicing the garage door opener periodically for best results. Checking programming codes, spring action, and more are just a few of the many maintenance services offered by Precision Door.

Mark out Preventative Measures

By deciding which preventative measures your garage door system needs, and when those should be made is a great way to create your calendar. You can set aside having your system lubed in the winter months, and follow up with garage door alignment in the spring. Marking it out on a calendar will ensure these measure are taken care of. As always, our garage door specialists and staff can consult on the proper maintenance plans and procedures recommended to keep your system in tip top shape year round.

Follow Through

Marking out when garage door services should be rendered on your calendar isn’t enough. To ensure the quality and lifespan of your system, calling a certified technician to come out and take look at your system will guarantee your garage door maintenance is covered.

By implementing a garage door maintenance plan, you’re providing reliability to your daily routine, and adding peace of mind in the process. Call Precision Door, and we can help set up the most efficient garage door services throughout the year to keep 2016 running smoothly for you and your family’s everyday activities!