The Ultimate Smartphone Activated Garage Door System

LiftMaster Partners with Nest!

LiftMaster signs with Nest to offer integration with their cameras and thermostats. Now they can be monitored from one place: Your iPhone! Yes, with just the touch of a button, imagine your most valuable home appliances all at your command. LiftMaster has been leading and re-imagining the way consumers see garage door systems, home security, power over their property, and more. With the changing technology, controlling codes, programming your home, and becoming more efficient, has never been easier with LiftMaster. LiftMaster has raised the bar, proving being the master of your domain, is only a touch away.

MyQ and Nest

In the past, we’ve resorted to the prehistoric, lumpy garage door remotes, which caused major angst by somehow sprouting legs and getting lost, having a low battery life, or sometimes being a hassle to match if broken. No more. With LiftMaster offered by Precision Door, bulky remote entry is history. The future is here, and now, leaving on vacation, protecting your home, and having a welcoming, peace of mind atmosphere, not to mention, added security, has become the luxurious reality enjoyed by consumers in the Detroit area.

Amazing App Features

WorksWithNestAnyone looking for innovation, convenience, and optimization of the old garage door system will appreciate LiftMaster’s amazing benefits and features. With MyQ and Nest Cam, you’re able to see all the happenings of your home, ensuring security when you’re not there. With live video feeds, always feel in control, as your most important asset is accessible at the touch of a button. It’s convenient for protecting your home, and adds a layer of security sure to make you feel more at ease. Be able to see what’s happening when you’re not there with cameras and access to lights and other appliances to safeguard your property.

Superior Options

LiftMaster comes in a variety of series to meet different consumers’ needs. It provides access to gates, rural properties, lights, and other unique features, perfect for any residential home. It’s like talking to a highly developed system, which becomes an agent of proficiency and accessibility. Choose from LiftMaster’s elite series, premium services, or contractor options to best fit your garage door needs.

Precision Door’s Garage Door Specialists

Our garage door repair technicians have evolved with the convenient and engaging technology surrounding the garage door industry, and are fully trained in installing LiftMaster on residential garage doors. We’ll walk you through the unique features offered by LiftMaster, programming tips, and educate you on all the features to bring efficiency and luxury to your home or business. When your garage door is the largest key to your possessions and family, having the technical support and expertise of our team lends you that extra peace of mind. If you’re ready to be part of the most advanced garage door system out there, check out LiftMaster’s superior benefits, and give Precision Door a call today for any questions regarding getting LiftMaster products installed for your home or business.

*Requires Nest Aware subscription
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