Garage Door Troubleshooting and Easy DIY Fixes

Diagnosing garage door repair problems is our specialty at Precision Door of of Southeast. We understand the hassle of contacting a certified technician when minor issues do occur. That’s why we’ve procured these easy fix-it-yourself videos for continued ease and convenience. Our helpful videos cover common garage door problems that don’t necessarily require you calling in one of our certified technicians to spring repair and more. Find out how to fix your garage door on a basic level by looking at the links on our websites.

Our helpful videos offer expert advice and tutorials on how to open your garage door manually, garage door replacement, garage door spring repair, garage door closing issues, changing the lift master door battery, how to program your garage door codes, how to program your garage door from different manufacturers, how to lubricate your noisy garage door, taking the garage door test, and helping you decide what’s the best garage door opener for you.


How To Open Your Garage Door Manually

It’s never exciting to learn your garage door won’t open. Learn how to open it manually with this easy tutorial, guaranteed to work on Precision Door’s numerous high quality manufacturers.

Garage Door Replacement

Switching an outdated garage door can do wonders for your home and curb appeal. To replace broken or simply aged garage doors, here’s the trusted advice from our certified technicians on how to do so.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Check out how to properly repair your garage door springs to extend the life of your system. Follow these easy steps from a Precision Door specialist.

Garage Door Won’t Close – Align Garage Door Safety Eyes

If you think your garage door has become possessed, no need to worry. Check out how to fix the most common problems causing your garage door to function improperly.

Change Liftmaster Garage Door Battery

Changing the battery of your Lift master garage system is easy with our hands on video. Let the pros show you how it’s done and save yourself a service call.

How To Program Your Garage Door Opener

There are many benefits to programming your garage codes and utilizing the different features. Learn how to program your system the way our certified technicians do at Precision Door.

Program Your Garage Door Opener Codes for Marantec & Precision

Watch this video to learn out how program your garage door opener codes for Marantec.

Program Your Garage Door’s Opener Codes For Genie

Watch this video to learn out how program your garage door opener codes for Genie.

How To Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door

No more squeaking or wear and tear on your garage springs with this easy to implement video. Check out the proper way to lubricate your garage door to ensure peaceful openings and closings.

Unlock Garage Door Opener Wall Control Unit

This video addresses problems home owners may have with their Opener Wall control unit.

Garage Door Opener Installation

This video shows you what you need to know when you hire a garage door company to install a new opener. If you prefer to do it yourself you will learn how to add the professional touch to their own garage door opener installation.

Garage Door Balance Test

There are simple things you can do to extend the life of your garage system. Check out this video to find out how to take the garage door test to ensure you’re properly treating and maintaining your garage door.

What’s the Best Garage Door Opener?

Find out from our expert technicians which garage door is perfect for your home and needs. We service the Detroit area for guaranteed excellence and precision in garage door installation and repair.