Garage Door Safety Tips

Safety is our number one concern here at Precision Door. To make sure your home, valuables, and family remains safe, check out these garage door safety tips to ensure what matters most to you, is protected. It’s been estimated home burglary entrance occurs through garage door entry more readily than any other place of access in the home. When you think about it, it’s certainly easy to gain access through your garage. Apply these tips to keep your home secure and to reduce the risk of accidents and damages that can be caused by garage doors.

Supervise activity in the garage

Many children play in the garage during winter months and for various other reasons. To ensure their safety, never leave the remote where they have access. If children are playing in the garage, make sure access to door buttons, lights, and other features are out of reach. Also, teach children never to put their fingers in between the garage door panels. This could result in serious injury.

Maintain your equipment

Have a regular maintenance technician, highly trained, come out and inspect your garage door and equipment. We recommend once a month to ensure springs, remotes, pulleys, etc… are always in working order. This will also save you in repairs and emergency situations down the road. We’ll also perform routine tests to make sure everything is functioning as it should.  It’s also a great idea as well to review your owner’s manual. Being prepared in case of emergency situations will greatly add to the safety and function of your garage door system. Not sure if you’re garage is ready for winter? We’ve outlined some tips for preparing your garage door for the winter that may be helpful before the first big snow arrives.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Open or Partially Open

Many of us have forgotten to put down the garage, or leave it partially up to accommodate pets, but this not only endangers the security of your home, it can lead to property damage. When the garage door comes up, it may come in contact with car trunks, bicycles and more, resulting in personal destruction. For best results, put your garage door down when you come home, whether you plan on going somewhere in five minutes of five hours.

Unplug Your Garage Door When Gone for An Extended Period of Time

The last thing most of us think about when going on vacation is unplugging our garage. We feel our home is safe and secure. To be extra safe and precise, unplugging your garage door will aide in further protection to your property, disabling the key functions. This will make it extremely hard for a burglar to enter your home. Plus, it protects your garage system if there is a power outage or triggers a circuit in your system.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Opener in Your Car

It seems simple enough, right? It’s recommended to either use an access code or leave your remote on a chain, which can go with you at all times. Car theft, burglary, and home invasion are no small matters. You can never be too careful.

With these tips, we hope you have continued satisfaction and safety with your garage doors. Call Precision Door for any garage door maintenance tests or safety questions. Again, safety is our number one concern here at Precision Door.