Daniel was great! Asked if I was available so him to arrive early and did so. He made sure to go over each item for the doors and answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable and obviously experienced at his craft.

Sean Keefe


************************* was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting up the appointment and received several communications letting me know where we were at in the process. I am very pleased with the service I received.

Jennifer C


We had the unfortunate event of our (very) old garage door falling off the hinges. We had to put a tarp up in the mean time and we couldn’t wait to get our door back. Precision came (05/20) and Daniel greeted us with comfort and was adamant we’d be take care of. Later in the week (05/24 @ 12pm) Cesar V. was our technician and as we spoke he was so thorough with his steps and what I should expect from him. His honesty made our experience reassuring and I left him to it. He came back to me and said there was an issue with the initial measurement, and he did not have the right equipment on his truck to help me. It could be a couple days before we could get someone back out. I was bummed, but understood it wasn’t his fault. Hours later he shows back up (2:30pm) with the equipment needed to finish the job. He took it upon himself to make sure we were taken care of. He said he went to Home Depot and while it took long to get all the parts, he was ready to start! I checked in with him every so often and he explained to me his process. Upon finishing, he walked me through upkeep of the hinges and how the manual garage door now worked. He cleaned up, and not a single screw or nail on the floor. He was kind, informative and overall a hard worker. I couldn’t thank him enough! Precision is lucky to have him because he definitely builds trust with his clients and I’m glad we got him for our needed services. He finished the job at 7pm and that’s what we call great customer service. Thank you again, Cesar! You really helped my family!

Anna Ounsombath


Excellent service, courteous technican, work done in a timely manner.

Craig H


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Dhivyesh T


Denial Medosa is a wonderful person. He explain everything tome. I just try to go through the estimate to try to understand everything he explained to me. I am not sure if I understand all. So it will take a little longer time to read through the proposal and understand everything. I just need little time.

Lena Schultz


Steve Franklin was very careful about removing items that he didn’t want to possibly be harmed while he worked. He arrived on time and he worked diligently and carefully. He was very kind to explain all aspects of caring for my door and its parts. He also was good to tell me about the panel that wasn’t quite up to par when installing. He said I didn’t have to pay all that was due until this part was delivered and installed properly.

Maryanne Fuchs


He did a great job. Friendly and knowledgeable.

Juana Gonzales


Great job. Home office got the door color wrong but offered a discount for the error. Steve Franklin did the install and he was fantastic. Quick, thorough and walked me through maintenance. Great job.

William Pettit


Precision Garage Door - Received same day service for an issue. The service technicians identified the issue quickly and were able to resolve. Steve W and Daniel M provided excellent service! It was a great customer experience!

Kimberly Westmoreland


Our garage door was cracked, hanging lower on one side, and the cable came off the railing. The garage door and set-up is over 34 years old. It, unfortunately, broke down. Steve came out and gently gave us the bad news that we'd need a new garage door. We selected our new door and are awaiting it. Steve was very professional, listened to our needs, and made suggestions and comments which were very informative. My husband and I are pleased we selected Precision Door Service. When the door comes in, we are confident the job will be installed with great care.

Janice Miller


Jessy Metzmaker came out today to service our garage door as it was not working properly. He did a great job in a timely manner and he was courteous and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to call Precision Grage Door of Mid Michigan again.

Jim Hawkins


Everything was done quickly and efficiently by Daniel, our technician. He worked quickly to get our door repaired, and it is working well.



A little bit of a mystery with this repair as this unit was fixed in 2022 but, today different parts were noted? . However, the technician was very professional and addressed my issues in a very timely manner. I will definitely call again if I need to , great service.

Randy Rauch


Jessy was very efficient and professional! I was well satisfied with the work performed!

Heidi DeLano-Jones


Dan did an outstanding job! Thanks a lot!

Memoria Mosci


Quick response, gave multiple repair and pricing options, No pressure, repairs were made in a timely manner.

Martin Pennington


Daniel Mendoza was extremely helpful in fixing broken springs on our garage door. He was prompt and very respectful. He took the time to explain the issues and was very efficient when fixing the springs. We hope to have see him again if we are in of service on our Garage.

Rj Moubray


Thanks for being available after hours to book a next day appointment! Excellent service and quality work.

Katherine Donahue


Steve did a great job fixing our garage door and took very little time.

Janette Fluke


The technician was very professional and extremely courteous. Easy process, very efficient. First Class! Congratulations

Marcelo Mosci


Eric was very professional and personable, did a fantastic job very efficiently and would recommend him highly, he explained everything to detail and the whole process was as delightful and experience could be with having your garage door fixed!

Daniel Sellinger


Tech Steve Wells was phenomenal, personable, and the very knowledgeable and put me at ease. My garage door was diagnosed just as he said. He gave me options to choose from. That's why I only do business with Precision Door!

Lee Richardson


Mother Robinson


Steve and Daniel were amazing. They were on time and professional. I was given multiple options and they set everything up and walked me through all the steps to connect the WiFi and app. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a garage door opener installed/replaced. Done in just about an hour. Very pleased!!

Robert Arnold


Everything went well

Patricia Redies


The technicians were very polite, professional, and fixed the issue of my beam tripping due to a loose connection. They also offered some additional repairs that could be done to improve my door performance (which I declined) but they saved the quote in case I needed it in the future. I will definitely use this team again, they were great.

Jason Sabourin


My garage door engine burned out, Daniel came out and changed it quickly. He discussed all available options with me. Very helpful and efficient!

Tara Pugmire


Same day service! Dan Duvall was my service provider. He is very knowledgeable and gave me options regarding what was needed to fix my garage door. He was efficient at fixing and replacing parts that were needed.

Donis Osborn


Service and price were great

Ken Scott


Had a great first experience with Steve and Daniel who came out to give me a quote. They listened to my needs and gave me many options without going away from my original needs.

chris anderson


I had a great review and quote experience. I appreciate there knowledge and honest recommendations to fit my needs. Thank you Steve Welk and Daniel M.

Chris A.


Steve and Daniel were excellent brand ambassadors for Precision Garage Door! They were friendly, engaging and professional in every respect. Funny, too, which I appreciated as I enjoy laughing with others. Steve took the lead as Daniel was his trainee. I was greatly impressed with Steve's style of teaching. No yelling or bullying; simply coaching Daniel, suggesting a way to get the desired results. And you could tell that Daniel responded well to this approach. Together, they made a great team! As a result, I am exceedingly pleased that I contacted Precision Garage Door. Your veterans' discount was also appreciated, and a nice "surprise," to boot. If you ever hold a "train the trainer" session, Steve would be a great choice to lead. And I believe that Daniel would back this up. Many times, over my past 50 years in public relations, Marketing and communications, the main concern of my employers - and later, my clients when I worked for agencies - was people. I.e. Finding, hiring, training and retaining top employees. It is great to see a company that knows how to achieve these goals. These two men obviously enjoy their work and take pride in Precision and their work. Thank you for an exceptional experience. Mike Jenkins

Mikeythink CON


Booked an appt online very easily around 9 am and Steve Wells and Daniel M. arrived a few hours later. I received a text and call with the expected arrival time. They were both very friendly and gave us 3 repair options. They were able to fix our garage door very quickly and explained what they did. It was more $ than I was expecting however I do not have anything to compare it to, since this is our first home. They did change the springs, cables and rollers. We wanted to choose a local company and we're happy with the service.

Teresa Crowe


Great customer service and really impressed with their work.

Tyler Baker


They did a great job! Very polite and informative! Fast!

Sallye e


Steve and Daniel did a great job and were very professional. They arrived not long after I set up my appointment to fix my broken garage door. It now open and closes so well!



I called and had a salesman come out within two hours of calling. I was able to order a new door and opener easily. Cesar Velasquez did an amazing job installing the door. He took time to teach me everything I needed to know about the door and how to maintain it. He also cleaned everything up. No trash was left behind.

Wendy Smith


Steven and Daniel were very professional, did an excellent job explaining the issues, and the various options to remedy them without trying to upsell on something. They were able to fix our issues at the initial visit and explained what they did and how to help prevent issues in the future. 10/10.

Mitch Albers


Katee H


********************* installed a new opener. I was very pleased with the work.

Timothy R


Laurie Dahl


Very professional expert service.

terry hall


I will not use anybody but Precision. A few months ago they replaced all 3-garage door openers. Today they replaced an overhead door on our shed. Eric Furlow was our tech and did a terrific job. He was on time, job was done quickly and correctly. He was super polite.

Anonymous Author


Our first experience with Precision was very pleasant. Dan was very helpful and thorough with his inspection and was able to correct the issue we were having. He also made us aware of potential issues that we should consider taking care of without making me feel pushed or pressured to make those repairs right now. He gave us the information we needed to discuss and plan to have the service done and we really appreciate. We will definitely use their services again and would recommend them.

K Law


We needed a garage door tune-up and remote repairs. Steve W. did great work! He was prompt, efficient and gave us a thorough explanation of everything needed. Our door has been restored to its former operating glory for a reasonable price.

Amy B.


We needed a garage door tune-up and remote repair. Steve Wells did excellent work! He was prompt, efficient and provided a thorough explanation of what was needed. Our door is back to its former glory for a very reasonable price!

amy blair


Jessy was very friendly and professional. He explained in detail the problems with my door and possible solutions.

Kenneth Brown


Great work!

Randy Royalty