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Our garage door would randomly open. The service rep knew what causing the door open ( there was a problem with logic board) and fixed the problem in few minutes.

William P.


Showed up in a hour and straightened my track and had my door working great

Trent Brummette




Excellent, prompt and accommodating

Pat S.


Door spring snapped at 9pm. Called Precision at 9:30pm, got a super friendly rep. She set an appointment for the next morning from 8am-noon, and the tech showed up at the front end of that window after the promised call. Tech was super personable, took a good look at the door, made his recommendations, which were reasonable given the age of the door, and started the work right away. Had the work done (essentially a replacement of all of the hardware EXCEPT the door slabs, hinges, and the opener) in well under 2 hours, including testing, lubing, and he left the can of lube for later use. Also showed me how to do quarterly maintenance while he was at it. Couldn't tell you if the price was fair or not (no time to shop around), but it seemed reasonable based on the part breakdown he gave me and what he was doing. Frankly, even if it wasn't the cheapest out there, you really can't put a value on good service - IMO it's worth a bit more to get great service and a company that stands behind its work! Will definitely recommend to a friend.

Daisy Monster


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