New Garage Door Designer

We have great news! We have a brand new garage door designer and we are proud to share it with you all!


What is it? Once you enter our site and click on Garage Door Designer from the menu, you will be taken to a separate page where you can begin to build your own garage door. You see see an image of an average garage door at the very top and a list of steps below, that instruct you to choose from a variety of options for styles, materials, panel designs, colors, windows, and more! As you select a feature, you will see an example of it in the image provided so that you get to see exactly what your garage door will look like when it’s done!

This puts all the control in the hands of our customers. Instead of having a short list of pre-made garage doors for you to choose from, we want you to have the freedom to design and create every single aspect of your brand new garage door. Why? Because when you get to design the door of your dreams before you even have to buy it, you can be sure that you find your perfect garage door before you make the investment. We don’t want you to spend your money on something you aren’t confident in!


Once you have created your garage door, all you have to do is scroll down and input your contact information and we will receive this image and contact you with a quote so you can know exactly how much your perfect garage door is worth!


Check out our fantastic Garage Door Designer here and get started on making a unique garage door that you’ll love for years to come. And when you’re done, the expert technicians at Precision Door will handle all the details and have your new door up and running in no time!
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A Guide to the Perfect Laundry Room (in Your Garage)

As experts in all thing that involve your garage, we can help you with repairs, replacing parts and the garage door, general maintenance, and more. But we can also use our expertise to help you with projects in your home, for instance, making the garage the perfect spot for your laundry room. So if need help with deciding where you should do your laundry, then keep reading to find out why the garage might be the perfect spot.

Let’s start with why the garage might the right place for your laundry home. Some people prefer to keep the washer and dryer in the most convenient spot possible, like close to the master bedroom or near the kitchen, where it is in the center of the house and easily accessible. However, some homes don’t have a spare room in the house to put the washer and dryer in so the garage becomes the best option. But there are actually perks to making the garage the laundry spot instead of a room in the house, like the concrete flooring in the garage that won’t get damaged from water or wet and dirty clothes, more storage space, the ability to keep some chemical products away from children in the house, hiding the laundry room from guests, and extra room for folding, ironing, and such.

So here’s what you need to do to make the perfect laundry room. You first need to make sure that you have enough space for the washer and dryer, preferably against the same wall and they need to have access to water and electricity. Most garages have a hookup for water so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. The first step is to hook up the appliances and make sure everything is working properly, but make sure you clean the area properly so that the space feels nicer and more organized.

Next, take the time to make it a functional laundry room with everything you might need. Put up some shelves to put up all the detergents and products you use, grab a table or add a waist high shelf close by where you can fold laundry, keep piles of clothing, or even do your ironing. Make sure that the space is well organized, with baskets for clothing, maybe a clothesline for hanging things that can’t be dried, an iron stored away properly, with everything in its proper place.

Once you have all the functional stuff taken care of, don’t forget to make the area pleasant since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in there. Give the garage or at least the area where the laundry room will be a new coat of paint, add some decor or style with your organizing items, add some nice lighting, put up some art or photos, and make sure you have a way to regulate the temperature so that you are comfortable in there whatever the season.

The most important thing to check and double check is that you take every safety precaution necessary, like ventilation, heat, and water leaking anywhere. We recommend calling a professional to have the washer and dryer installed for you and to make sure that everything is working safely.

From Precision Door, we hope that you have found this information useful and hope to hear from you soon for all of your garage needs!

The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician

Who is in Your Garage?

When you hire a garage door service company, there are a few things you expect: Trust, Experience, and Professionalism. Our expert garage door technicians at Precision Door encompass all three of these qualities and more. There’s no company with high quality, certified technicians quite like Precision Door. Our full service team coordinates and participates in rigorous training and up-to-date techniques in installation and maintenance. When one of our certified technicians comes to your home, you can expect only excellence and superb service is in store. We offer our clients exceptional experience, value, peace of mind, and complete confidence in our company’s specialized garage door technicians. Continue reading “The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician”

Technician Spotlight – Ed Davis

Technician Spotlight

It’s Technician Tuesday! We love to feature our certified technicians at Precision Door. Come see why our garage door specialists are the finest in the industry, and learn the professional faces behind the leading garage door provider in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Ed Davis

If you want quality and experience, Ed Davis is a part of our staff, sure to deliver superior garage door education and professionalism to you. Receiving a 97% client recommendation rate, Ed proves his technique, background, and work ethic meets the high standards set at Precision Door. Continue reading “Technician Spotlight – Ed Davis”

Grand Rapids-based Company Wins Prestigeous Angie’s List Award

For Immediate Release

Precision Garage Door Grand Rapids has earned the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award for excellence in customer service throughout 2013.

The Angie’s List Super Service Award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain superior service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List throughout the past year. The award is given across the country to deserving service providers.

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Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

Here in the Midwest we experience winter temperatures that can disrupt any piece of mechanical equipment. Your garage door is no exception, and before long a dip in temperatures and a dose of nasty weather can cost you time and money. This season, get out in front of the weather and implement a couple of these simple maintenance items to avoid headaches when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying.

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