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They came out promptly. It started well enough. I was informed that the springs needed to be changed to torsion springs. Fine with me, but the tech said originally he could do the work that day, then said he'd have to come back the next day. Also fine. This is where it went off the rails. Tech came back the next day and said - no, he wouldn't repair a wood door. He'd have to replace the garage door because it's wood. This after I'd told him repeatedly it's a historical house and the wood door stays. Here's the real problem: After a quick inspection, I discovered the only thing that happened was a bolt sheared. The springs are fine. $3,500 for a broken bolt and to get a cheap looking metal door? No thanks. I went to Home Depot and replaced the bolt and the nearby fittings for less than $20.

Rob Jones



Our broken door opener was repaired within 22 hours of my phone call. I was told that Derek would arrive between 4-6pm and he would call 30 minutes before he arrived. Excellent communication throughout. Derek did a quick and fabulous job along with answering all of the questions I had about the process. I would highly recommend Precision and Derek for your garage door opener repairing needs.

Julie Teal


Probably not the cheapest option out there, but you get what you pay for. Mike arrived on the same day I called and thoroughly inspected the opener and door. Within five hours of my initial call to the company, I have a working garage door.

Toni K.



Mark Potrzebowski



Titan did a great job fixing our garage door. He explained everything clearly, was very efficient and helpful. Would highly recommend him to Houston area residents.

Michael Richter


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