If your garage door parts, garage door motor, or power it’s possible your Garage Door Won’t Open.

Some safety tips if you’re in a situation where your garage door won’t open.

Make sure that your garage door is in the down and closed position before you disconnect. If you experience a situation where your garage door is partly open we strongly urge you to contact a garage door professional immediately. Disconnecting a garage door while it’s in the open and up position is very dangerous.

If you manually close your garage door with a broken spring the full weight of the door can come crashing down and smash anything below causing damage or bodily harm.

To disconnect and operate your door manually you have to locate the red rope attached to the trolley.  When you pull the rope the trolley will disconnect from the attachment point.

This will allow you to manually move the door up and down.  Click for step by step Manual Operation.

You can also watch our troubleshooting why a garage door won’t open video and find other videos and DIY Fixes on our garage door troubleshooting page.