A Garage Door Opener Battery System that Works Even During Power Outages

Precision Door Detroit can provide you with protection in case your power goes out. Don’t get stuck out of your garage – we carry many brands of operators that function on a battery to ensure that you can always access your garage. Give Precision Door Detroit a call today and ask us about the LiftMaster model 3850 or 8550 to ensure reliability – even when the electricity is out!

If Liftmaster is not your brand of choice – let us know and we can provide you with many other brands of operators with battery back up capabilities.

MODEL 485LM EverCharge® Integrated Standby Power System

  • For use with multiple Liftmaster models, as well as with some other brands of garage door openers
  • Operates the garage door opener as if the power was still on (all safety and security features still operate)
  • Standby Power System and opener are one logic board, resulting in better performance in Standby Power mode
  • Improved Battery Recovery System