Guide to Spring Cleaning (in Your Garage)

Forgive us for the cliché, but spring is in the air and all homeowners are preparing for the great cleaning project that comes with it! And as the experts in garages, we have a few tips to help you make sure that you do it right, which will help to keep your garage and your garage door as clean and safe as possible. Keep reading to see our tips for including your garage in your upcoming spring cleaning!


The first step is obvious. Start sweeping out the floor of the garage to get rid of any dirt and salt tracked in during the winter. We would also recommend that you properly clean the cement to rid it of any anti-freeze and salt products left over from tracked in snow, which can damage the floor and lead to cracks. After you clean the floors, it’s time to start putting away all the winter gear and get organized.


The best way to keep your garage organized all year round is to invest in some storage bins and add some shelves to the wall. Put the winter gear and equipment into bins and put them away on the shelves, off the floor to maximize the space. Don’t forget that you can also add storage space to the ceiling of the garage and store things there that only get used a few times year. We recommend organizing your things into bins based on how frequently they are used, from daily, weekly, and rarely used.


Things that you might want to have out are your tools, since the weather will start to get warmer and it is usually the time for projects around the house and for gardening. Dedicate a wall in the garage to hang your tools for easy access. You can buy board to hang hooks and bins from that will help keep everything organized.


Spring is the time to freshen everything up, from new furniture, new coats of paint, fresh flowers and plants in the garden, etc. So include your garage with the process of sprucing up your home. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, add a pop of color by painting the door into the house, or invest in new shelves or workbenches. Or even better, this is the perfect time to add windows to your garage door, to let in the natural light during the upcoming sunny months. The experts at Precision Door can help you with this project and give your garage door a whole new look.
And lastly, the cold of winter can be very hard on your garage door and all of its parts. We recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment with your local garage door company to make sure that everything is aligned and running safely and smoothly. Precision Door will repair and replace anything you need and we answer your calls 24/7. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Things in the Garage That Might Be Dangerous for Your Pet

Whether the garage is the designated space for your pet to eat or rest, or the animal has access to it through a doggy door, you should always keep in mind that certain items in the garage can be hazardous for their health. So we have put together a quick list of items that should be kept as far from your pets as possible and how to make the garage a safe place for them.


  • Antifreeze: Commonly stored in garages, this substance has been known to kill many pets who mistake the smell for something edible. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to dogs and will destroy their liver so keep it stored high up and away from the ground.
  • Gasoline and motor oil: If you store either of these in your garage for your car, boat, or maybe a lawnmower, keep it stored either high up or outside of the garage because the fumes and the gasoline itself are dangerous for any curious animals.
  • Paints and solvents: It is actually not recommended to store paints in the garage because the changing temperatures will ruin the paint but it is also a good idea to find another storage spot for your paint and paint thinner so that your pet doesn’t accidentally spill or open up either.
  • Pesticides: If you or your significant other like to garden, you might have pesticides lying around. Be careful about storing these in the garage as ingesting this could be dangerous to your pet. Keep off the ground or in another location.
  • Car battery: The battery acid from your car battery could accidentally be swallowed by a pet if they find it sitting around or if they step in some and lick off their paws later on. This is extremely dangerous for anyone and any animal to ingest so we recommend disposing of old car batteries as soon as possible and to keep them stored safely if you must hang on to them.
  • Carbon monoxide: Never keep the car running if your pet is in the garage with you and if yours pets sleep in the garage at night, make sure that the garage is properly ventilated for them after you park the car for the night. Carbon monoxide can poison your beloved pets as they are very sensitive to these fumes.
  • Extreme temperatures: Unless your garage has it’s own AC or heating unit, the changing temperatures in the garage can be harmful for your pets. If your animals sleep in the garage during the summer, keep in mind that the garage will heat up quite a bit and could lead to overheating and heat exhaustion. Make sure that they have plenty of water in the garage during warmer seasons and find a way to ventilate the space and let in cooler air.

Your pets are part of the family and it’s important to keep them safe from harm. Always be careful of what you store in the garage and how, keep in mind that your animals are far more curious than your human family members and you can prevent any accidents from occurring.

DIY May not be a good choice

Garage door DIY may not be a good choice.

I am a committed do-it yourselfer and pride myself in the money I have saved by diving in and trying to fix something myself.  I do have limits and here are the principles I apply before I try something new.

  1. Can I safely do the work?
  2. Do I have the tools and knowledge required to complete the job?
  3. I am physically able to lift and maneuver the pieces and parts.
  4. Will I be able to obtain the parts and how will I know they are the right ones?

If I can’t answer yes to all these questions, it is better to call a professional.  I routinely change the oil and all the filters on some large diesel engines and don’t hesitate to install complicated electronics systems and carpentry or woodworking are in my skill set.  Garage Doors are something I would not advise anyone without the skills and training to tackle.  This is primarily due to the potential violation of rule #1,  Can you do it safely?

Garage Door Repairs have some big danger factors that injure thousands of people each year.  Simply stated they are; garage door systems depend on stored mechanical energy to operate, are very heavy, and can fall on you.  The most dangerous component of a Residential Garage Door System is the energy stored in the springs.  In a torsion bar system, the energy is stored when the technician winds the springs.  This is a physically demanding job and extremely dangerous, if you are not properly trained.  Releasing the energy is just as dangerous and not doing so, when you start a repair, is a very common cause of serious injury.  The tools required are specialized as is the training.

Recently a DIY reporter for one of the local papers undertook the job of replacing a broken spring.  While filming the segment they unbolted the end bracket before releasing the spring energy.  The bracket was propelled into their face with several hundred pounds of force, breaking their jaw and cheekbones, dislodging several teeth and requiring extensive surgery to repair the damage.  They were out of work for several months.  I am sure the reporter had done research and read extensively the DIY information readily available on the internet, before undertaking the repair, but obviously missed something.  Frankly people providing DIY information on the web, for dangerous jobs are irresponsible.

Avoid injuries and save yourself money by calling a trained and certified professional.

Company Wins Angie’s List Award

For Immediate Release

Precision Garage Door Lansing has earned the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award for excellence in customer service throughout 2013.

The Angie’s List Super Service Award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain superior service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List throughout the past year. The award is given across the country to deserving service providers.

“We are very excited to receive this award from Angie’s List,” said Precision

Garage Door Lansing CEO Scott Johnson. “We take pride in having customers who are satisfied with the excellent work delivered by our well trained staff.

This award means we are at the top 5% of garage door repair businesses in each of our markets, and I couldn’t be more proud of that. Super Service Award winners are preferred among Angie’s List customers because the top 5% of qualifying businesses per category, in each market, receive the award. Precision Garage Door Lansing boasts same-day service for customers in need of garage door repair, or garage door replacement. On a daily basis, 24/7, 365 days a year, they dispatch certified technicians to over a thousand customers a year.

“It’s important and rewarding for us to see our employee training and development efforts pay off where it matters the most; with the customer.” Johnson said, “We feel that Angie’s List provides a great feedback not only for other customers, but for use in our own training endeavors. Precision Garage Doors of Lansing has been in business for over 10 years and has grown to be one of the largest garage door repair companies in Southeastern Michigan.

For further information contact:

Brian Kruger- Chief Marketing Officer, Precision Door Detroit 313.506.2019 or

Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

Here in the Midwest we experience winter temperatures that can disrupt any piece of mechanical equipment. Your garage door is no exception, and before long a dip in temperatures and a dose of nasty weather can cost you time and money. This season, get out in front of the weather and implement a couple of these simple maintenance items to avoid headaches when the wind is blowing and the snow is flying

Check Your Batteries

Cold temperatures can cause failure in any battery-powered device, and that includes your battery-powered remote control. Older batteries should be replaced to ensure reliable service throughout the winter. Jumping out of your car to manually pull up the door in the middle of a snowfall in the dead of winter is no fun.

Inspect the Drive Track

Of course this tip is not exclusive to the winter, but it’s always a good idea to do a double check when things are nasty outside. Try to check the drive track for obstructions once every six months and make sure there the belt or chain travels along the rail smoothly. If the track is damaged in any way be sure to contact a professional for repairs before further use.

Use Your Garage Door

It sounds simple, right? Using the garage door daily helps to prevent it from freezing shut and will keep everything in working order. Occasionally blizzards will hit and pile snow and ice out in front of the door. By applying some rock salt to the concrete under and around the door you can prevent the door from freezing and provide sure footing for pedestrians. Even if you have no plans of hitting the road it is a good idea to clear some of the fluffy stuff and make sure everything is working properly.

Apply Lubrication

Most mechanical devices need some type of grease or oil to operate and a garage door is no exception. While you should be lubricating the proper places on a regular basis do yourself a favor and squeeze in one more check-up before temperatures drop any further. The cold causes metal to contract and will place an added strain to all working parts on the door. Sub-freezing climates may also cause the door to stick to the track, endangering the motor among other things. Be sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant to the hinges, bushings, and roller in order to avoid such issues. For more information check out this instructional blog and video.

Checking Your Seals

Garage doors with seals offer many benefits for the owner. For applicable doors, seals provide a reduction in the cold air drafts that can cause an uptick in heating bills. Be sure that strips and trim are arranged tightly and there are no visible signs of fatigue. Only professionals should work on garage doors with seals (whether they are bottom, sides, or both) as they require complex and tedious repair work.

Those of us who love winter in the Midwest know it doesn’t come without a couple of headaches. By taking an hour or two to maintain your garage door you’ll ensure reliability through the season and help to extend its life.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Precision Certified Technician today!