Guide to Spring Cleaning (in Your Garage)

Forgive us for the cliché, but spring is in the air and all homeowners are preparing for the great cleaning project that comes with it! And as the experts in garages, we have a few tips to help you make sure that you do it right, which will help to keep your garage and your garage door as clean and safe as possible. Keep reading to see our tips for including your garage in your upcoming spring cleaning!


The first step is obvious. Start sweeping out the floor of the garage to get rid of any dirt and salt tracked in during the winter. We would also recommend that you properly clean the cement to rid it of any anti-freeze and salt products left over from tracked in snow, which can damage the floor and lead to cracks. After you clean the floors, it’s time to start putting away all the winter gear and get organized.


The best way to keep your garage organized all year round is to invest in some storage bins and add some shelves to the wall. Put the winter gear and equipment into bins and put them away on the shelves, off the floor to maximize the space. Don’t forget that you can also add storage space to the ceiling of the garage and store things there that only get used a few times year. We recommend organizing your things into bins based on how frequently they are used, from daily, weekly, and rarely used.


Things that you might want to have out are your tools, since the weather will start to get warmer and it is usually the time for projects around the house and for gardening. Dedicate a wall in the garage to hang your tools for easy access. You can buy board to hang hooks and bins from that will help keep everything organized.


Spring is the time to freshen everything up, from new furniture, new coats of paint, fresh flowers and plants in the garden, etc. So include your garage with the process of sprucing up your home. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, add a pop of color by painting the door into the house, or invest in new shelves or workbenches. Or even better, this is the perfect time to add windows to your garage door, to let in the natural light during the upcoming sunny months. The experts at Precision Door can help you with this project and give your garage door a whole new look.
And lastly, the cold of winter can be very hard on your garage door and all of its parts. We recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment with your local garage door company to make sure that everything is aligned and running safely and smoothly. Precision Door will repair and replace anything you need and we answer your calls 24/7. Call today to schedule an appointment!