New Garage Door Designer

We are here to introduce our brand new garage door designer to our customers! We love this feature of our site and we think you will to.

What exactly is a garage door designer? This is an entire page that features every step of designing and creating a garage door and lets you see exactly what it looks like as you select different features! There are a variety of design choices for you to make, from material, color, window designs, handles, accent pieces, and more! And you have TONS of options to choose from.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take panel designs as an example. Just for selecting the kind of panel design of your garage door, you have 21 options!! And let’s say you choose short panel, which is the first option. With that panel design, you have 11 color options to choose from, which you can see in the image below!


Once you have finished creating your perfect garage door, scroll down to the bottom of the page, input your contact information, and you can request a quote! One of our experts will get back to you all the information related to the garage door you designed and will get you started on the process of installing it!


We want to make the process of buying a garage door as easy as possible for our customers and take all the mystery out of making this important investment in your home. If you have more questions, call Precision Door today to learn more about buying a new garage door!

The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician

Who is in Your Garage?

When you hire a garage door service company, there are a few things you expect: Trust, Experience, and Professionalism. Our expert garage door technicians at Precision Door encompass all three of these qualities and more. There’s no company with high quality, certified technicians quite like Precision Door. Our full service team coordinates and participates in rigorous training and up-to-date techniques in installation and maintenance. When one of our certified technicians comes to your home, you can expect only excellence and superb service is in store. We offer our clients exceptional experience, value, peace of mind, and complete confidence in our company’s specialized garage door technicians. Continue reading “The Importance of a Certified Garage Technician”